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Re: A welcoming email

Kris Guye wrote:

Craig, it sounds like what you are really saying is how wonderful it is that
someone can make some mistakes growing up, learn from those mistakes, and
work hard to be successful in our wonderful country.  Is Bush an
underachiever?  Ask John Kerry, they went to school together!  By the way,
service evading??  Ask Canada (or Clinton) about service evading.  After
all, one of their great cities is going to build a monument dedicated to all
of the Americans that fled there to avoid the draft.  What great pals they

Please avoid political bashing on this list.  Geeezzzzz!  Over 50% of the
posts lately have been either arguing over one little OT email or bashing
Bush!  This list is supposed to be about Linux.  Let's avoid religion,
politics, etc!!


Kris G.

Why don't follow your own advice? Posting your own bashing then commanding the rest of the list to close the subject is really disgusting.
But Hell, what to expect from s Bush suporter?

By the way, in the Immortal Words of War Secretary Robert McNamara: "The US had no business in Vietnan".

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