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Re: Fedora Core 2 update problems

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 20:49:00 -0600 (MDT)
Howard Cheng <cheng cs uleth ca> wrote:

:Any insight on these problems would be appreciated.  (I upgraded from
:Fedora Core 1 instead of doing an install from scratch.  Does that

Perhaps a little more insight, but no solution, as yet.

I have three virtually identical systems, each of which was originally
installed with RH8. They are now all at FC2, two with all the upgrades
which Synaptic/Apt/Up2date will allow, and one with minimal updates.
However, at least in regard to Mozilla, I have three entirely different

On one machine, I had results similar to yours, and ended up (as you did)
downgrading back to 6.1. On another, 7.3 is running just fine, and on the
third system, the upgrade tools steadfastly refuse to admit even  the
existence of the 7.3 version.

After much head scratching, and other aids to concentration, my tentative
hypothesis is that the order in which the upgrades were made is the key to
the problem. On the machine where Mozilla 7.3 is working, it was one of the
last upgrades, whereas, on the machine where it failed, it was the first
upgrade after the FC2 installation.

I suspect that the 7.3 version has an unknown prerequisite, which the
packager did not discover, because the development machine already had it

-- Chuck

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