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Re: I've had enough

James Mckenzie wrote:

Walter and others:

When you 'suggest' read the archives, where are they? I'm looking for help on how to move the 'dynamic' library files in FC2 to another directory other than /usr/lib. I really don't like Gnome/Bluecurve locking up on me and rhbg (the 'nice' graphic bootup screen) failing because I moved them. When I did this in RH9, all I did was change the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, and I was set. I've done several other things, but they all seem to fail. Maybe perusing the archives would reduce my traffic and help me a great deal.

This seems to be a really bad idea - is it really really necessary? You are seting youself up to a world of hurt, breaking evem more the HFS standard and impossiblitating automatic updates.
That's probably why you can find help. Not many (if any) people are doing what you want to do.


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