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ntpd server on FC2


I have an FC2 server which was an ntp client (syncing
its time from an FC1 server - which is the primary ntp
server in my environment), but I decided to add a
second NTP server to my environment.

So I setup the FC2 machine above to use some public
external sources and reconfigure all my ntp clients to
use both the primary FC1 ntp server and this new FC2
ntp server.

Although my FC2 machine doesn't have trouble talking
to the external ntp sources, none of my FC1 clients
can use the FC2 ntp source.

I've trouble-shooted this extensively but cannot
figure out why there's an issue.

All FC systems are fully patched. iptables is disabled
on all FC machines.

ntpq -p shows this:

fc2server         16 u    -   64    0    0.000
   0.000 4000.00

ntpdate fails with:

21 Oct 15:05:44 ntpdate[28007]: no server suitable for
synchronization found

I'm at a loss to understand why.


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