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Re: I've had enough

Eucke wrote:

What do you expect? Coming from a for-profit, UNACCREDITED pseudo-school ? With religious hypocrisy to boot?
I worked for two religious schools, both non-profit and fully accredited, one Catholic an one Protestant. I have a very low tolerance for scum like that. Ironically enough, the motto of my current employer is "The Truth Shall set you Free", and they are non-religious.
Good riddance I say.

Enough please. Can we get back to FCx? I am sure that I am not the only one who is uninterested in your anti-faith bigotry and the other OT nonsense.

Z....Dude.... 5 posts in 16 minutes on OT stuff? Join IRC and go to #politics and leave this stuff off this list please.


Well, would you please not play forum police? Kinda contradictory to put an OT post complainig of my OT post.
Fell free to ignore the OT posts or even plonk me, but don't pretend to speak for the list.

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