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Re: Fedora Core 2 update problems


In which order did you install them? I upgraded libgnome first and then Mozilla as my LAST upgrade. I did this because I had moved Mozilla from /usr/bin to /opt/bin. The reason is the same as the reason I want to move /usr/lib to /opt/lib, lack of space in the /usr partition.

James McKenzie

Howard Cheng wrote:


 I have been trying to update the following packages in my Fedora
Core 2 with up2date:

 libgnome-2.6.0-3 (from libgnome-2.6.0-2)
 mozilla-1.7.3-0.2.0:37 (from mozilla-1.6-8)

The problems I am experiencing are:

- Once I upgraded, all my preferences got mixed up (trying to set the
keyboard rate, for example, results in error messages), and the "Desktop background" app actually crashes. All my icons on the
desktop are also gone.

   - This problem remains even if I create a new user without any old
     profile information.

   - Interestingly things work as expected when I log in as root.  I
     checked all the files in libgnome and the permissions seem correct.

   - Downgrading back to libgnome-2.6.0-2 makes everything work again,
     except for the things that the new version fixes (e.g. sound).


   - After upgrading, it is completely unusable.  Sometimes the bookmarks
     disappears, sometimes it doesn't respond to clicks, and sometimes
     I can't type URL into the URL bar at the top.  It didn't matter
     whether I erased all the profiles and started over, or ran it
     as root.

- Downgrading back to mozilla-1.6-8 "fixes" everything.

I can't imagine these rpms hanging around for so long (months) if
there are many other people having the same problems.  Am I the only
one?  I reported the libgnome problem on bugzilla and only a couple of
other people said "me too"...but no solution was ever offered.

Any insight on these problems would be appreciated.  (I upgraded from
Fedora Core 1 instead of doing an install from scratch.  Does that


Howard Cheng                 e-mail: cheng cs uleth ca
Assistant Professor          URL   : http://www.cs.uleth.ca/~cheng/
Dept of Math and CS          Phone : (403) 329-2182
University of Lethbridge     Fax   : (403) 317-2882
Alberta, Canada

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