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Evolution Question


I'm trying to get an email system working that will allow colleagues
within the same office, working on a buddy system, to be able to check
a colleague's email while they are off sick or on holiday.

I have managed to work out a way to share mail that has been read and
processed, by saving it to a set of symlinked folders, and similarly,
to catch outgoing mail by saving it to the same shared folders, but
I'm a bit stuck on incoming mail.  Mail picked up by Evolution but
not yet dealt with will be in their Evolution Inbox, and again, I can
symlink that into a folder within their buddy's Inbox.

However, if a user isn't or hasn't logged in, their incoming mail will
continue to sit on the IMAP server and not get transfered to their
Evolution Inbox.  How can I allow the buddy to get that mail transfered
to the real user's Evolution Inbox so that it can be seen through the
symlink mechanism ?

Or is there a better way of servicing this business requirement ?


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