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Re: Evolution Question

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 13:35 +0100, Jonathan Allen wrote:
> All,
> I'm trying to get an email system working that will allow colleagues
> within the same office, working on a buddy system, to be able to check
> a colleague's email while they are off sick or on holiday.
> I have managed to work out a way to share mail that has been read and
> processed, by saving it to a set of symlinked folders, and similarly,
> to catch outgoing mail by saving it to the same shared folders, but
> I'm a bit stuck on incoming mail.  Mail picked up by Evolution but
> not yet dealt with will be in their Evolution Inbox, and again, I can
> symlink that into a folder within their buddy's Inbox.
> However, if a user isn't or hasn't logged in, their incoming mail will
> continue to sit on the IMAP server and not get transfered to their
> Evolution Inbox.  How can I allow the buddy to get that mail transfered
> to the real user's Evolution Inbox so that it can be seen through the
> symlink mechanism ?
> Or is there a better way of servicing this business requirement ?
> Jonathan
If you are using cyrus-imapd you can set permissions on individual users
mailbox's allowing "delegated" individuals to have access to another
persons account. This can be limited to just read access, write access,
and several other things depending on your needs.

This is probably a lot easier then messing around with
procmail/fetchmail and other solutions.

Douglas Furlong
Systems Administrator
T: 0870 420 4475        F: 0870 220 2178

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