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Re: dell inspiron 8000

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 06:39, ey sd wrote:
> Grettings all!  Installed Fedora core 2 about two weeks ago wiped
> windows completely!! I am unable to utilize yum in order to  download
> the appropriate drivers.  Winmodem not operating, modem pc card not
> dialing. Excited about gnu goodies just can't get 2 them yet!!
>  system-config-network: cannot activate network device 

Go to www.linmodems.org for assistance with the modem(s)

I got the linmodem working with assistance from the mailing list at
discuss linmodems org

> Fedora core 2 
> version .094  2.6.5-1.358 on  1686

On my Dell there is no built in NIC so I got a pc card and it works
flawlessly (Linksys model pcm200)

FC2 updated to latest using yum via the nic.

> Del Inspiron 8000
> P3 1ghz7mhz
> 256k
> nvidia geforce2go
> ess maestro
> cd-rw
> Dvd rom
> lucent winmodem 56k
> cardbus bridge Texas Inst PCi4451 PcCardbus
> modem,baud,flow  should i opt for defaults or is this the redundant.

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