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Re: dell inspiron 8000

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 04:39 -0700, ey sd wrote:
> Grettings all!  Installed Fedora core 2 about two weeks ago wiped
> windows completely!! I am unable to utilize yum in order to  download
> the appropriate drivers.  Winmodem not operating, modem pc card not
> dialing. Excited about gnu goodies just can't get 2 them yet!!
>  system-config-network: cannot activate network device 
> Fedora core 2 
> version .094  2.6.5-1.358 on  1686
> Del Inspiron 8000
> P3 1ghz7mhz
> 256k
> nvidia geforce2go
> ess maestro
> cd-rw
> Dvd rom
> lucent winmodem 56k
> cardbus bridge Texas Inst PCi4451 PcCardbus
> modem,baud,flow  should i opt for defaults or is this the redundant.

Howdy -

I would probably go find a used computer shop or hit eBay and find a
PCMCIA modem that is not a Winmodem.  Winmodems are designed for Windows
drivers to do a lot of the heavy lifting, and they don't always work in

I've got an older MegaHertz/USRobotics 33.6 PCMCIA modem that Just Works
(TM) under Linux.  Much less hassle to use that then jacking with

Having said that, if you are insistent on using the Winmodem, others
have already posted the URL for the Linmodem project.


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