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Re: Help with first bash script please

Graham Cossey wrote:

Also, does someone have a 'simple' bash scripting resource they

could point

me to? I can find plenty of advanced scripting pages but founf

nothing with

the above example that worked.

Try http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html

Thanks Paul & Filippos for the links, I think the 'intro' would be my best
starting point...

Maybe someone needs to come up with a representation for the space character
in documentation to highlight the fact that a space is required as it is
easily missed, by me anyway !!

Spaces (also "whitespace", any combination of various space/tab characters) can be very important in scripts as field and parameter separators. You'll soon get used to it if you write scripts on anything like a regular basis.

I also find it useful to think of the "[" in the "if" statement:

if [ x = y ]; then ...

as being the same as the command "test" (see man test). When you think of it ("[") as a command (which it is), the need for a space after it is more obvious in my mind.


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