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Re: Application Deployment- Remote installation

Am Do, den 21.10.2004 schrieb Rajiv um 10:45:

>     Is there any software available for application deployment. I would like to install packages from one
> machine to all machines. I would like to do remote installation without being asked for password of the
> other machine.

> Rajiv

Not that hard to do this yourself with 30 minutes scripting. Have the
SSH daemon running on each client machine and setup SSH login using keys
(the passphrase issue can easily be handled by using the keychain tool).
Then from central deployment host login remote as root using SSH (all
from script; of course secure everything as much as you can) and run
either rpm directly with maybe parameter -F and pointing to a directory
where the RPMs are which you want to deploy, or use yum and let it run
against an internal yum repository.


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