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Re: Online replication of mail boxes

Am Do, den 21.10.2004 schrieb Dhananjoy Chowdhury um 15:37:

> I am facing a problem with replication of mail boxes.
> I have a smtp server running POSTFIX ( for mydomain.com 
> All mails for mydomain.com are forwarded to the POP server
>, where all the user mail boxes are maintained.
> I want each mail to be forwarded simultaneously to another POP server
> also so that i have a online replica of all user mail
> boxes.   

> Dhananjoy

This is normally no MTA's job. As more biased to Sendmail I know you can
do copying of mail using milters (like synonym, milter-bcc or
MimeDefang) to do so, though it is not really what you have in mind with
replication. I think Postfix does neither really support this. Read for
instance following answer by Wietse - the Postfix author - about that


Though the posting is fairly old I think nothing changed in this regard.

If you want to replicate mail boxes  - as initially said this is not
task of an MTA - you should consider using rsync between then POP3/IMAP
servers. Another way would be to use what Cyrus-IMAPd comes with: the
murder. It is packaged with FC2 and does what you want automatically and
the correct way.


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