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Re: FC2 behavior changes annoying

On 10/21/2004 10:10 AM, Paul Howarth wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:

Jeff Vian wrote:

Why would you want to move the title bar above the screen top?  If you
did that you would not have access to the minimize/maximize/close
buttons on the title bar ever again. and many windows remember their
last position so reopening them would give the same problem even if you
killed them to get them off the screen after making the title bar

You could right-click on any exposed part of the window border and select "move" (or hit Alt-F7 anywhere in the window) to bring the title bar back into view.

Apologies; this is for Gnome - I don't know if the same applies to KDE, which is what the OP was using.

Holding down the "Alt" key and then dragging the window with the mouse (right-clicking) also works. I believe that is a function of X.


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