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RE: Upgrade - dual boot

When I did the FC2 install it wiped out the GRUB info. Apparently it used
the Linux filespace.

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You simply have to boot from cd and select "update installation" instead
of "new installation".
Do you know the fc2 partition bug that don't make windows loaded?

Mike Westkamper wrote:

>I want to upgrade from FC1 to FC2.
>I tried it on another machine and the GRUB part was messed up and I had to
>reload from scratch. Many frustrating hours later I decided to ask for a
>of help.
>Any pointers on how to do a fresh FC2 install over FC1 on a system that has
>GRUB as a dual boot, without trashing the GRUB and WIN2k parts?
>Thanks in advance for any help.

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