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Re: problems with later added DDS-2 tape-unit

Hello there!

I have added a DDS-2 tape-unit on an already installed FC2 system (running 2.6.6-1.435 kernel). Although the st mod shows up in lsmod, the tape-unit sometimes just 'disappeares' when I try to use it, with for example tar.

Is there any chance it is a hardware issue?

Nope, I doubt that very much. Because it has worked. It's a HP unit on a Adaptec 2940 UW controler, so I don't see a problem there either. I use a DLT on FC2 on the same type controler at home on one box, and two DDS-3 on also the same controler (also FC2) on another box. But these were already in the machine when I installed FC2.

Thanks for any help, Angelo

As systemengineer I have many many problems with dds1-2-3 tapedrives, most of them are read/write errors but some of them have also the same symptoms as you describe. They seem to dissappear. The only options is to replace the drive.
If it is a new installed drive then please check you termination and you cable ( damage).
Do you have more scsi devices on the bus ?? are you sure that the bus is only terminated at the controller end and the on the last device ??
The 2940 bios can be set to auto-termination on the controller, perhaps you need to alter this setting.


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