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Re: MPlayer and Windows Media videos--sound, but no picture!

Temlakos wrote:

Mplayer has a problem with Windows Media ".wmv" files and, for that
matter, QuickTime ".mov" files. Mozilla's plugin for those files gives
me sound, but no picture. I can play MPEG's and .asf files without a
problem--picture and sound--and I also can play any commercial DVD
(though mplayer doesn't let me see the interactive menu, but just lets
me select the title and chapter by the numbers). A lot of Web sites out
there offer streaming video in the ".wmv" format, and it's a little
annoying to get them with sound, but no picture. (I also installed
RealPlayer 10, and that plays videos without a problem.)

I'll take any suggestion I can get.


I've got just the opposite behavior. When I point my browser to this url to see the Blade: Trinity trailer I get the video but no sound with mplayer in mozilla:


I suspect it's a codec problem, but oddly Mandrake 10 doesn't suffer the same problem.


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