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Re: Very, very OT: Canada -- was [RE: A welcoming email]

On Thursday 21 October 2004 02:19 pm, Brian Mury wrote:
> > Be very, very careful. Take a look here:
> > http://www.synapse.net/radio/can-pol.htm
> > If you measure on a ratio of parties/people, the Canadians are easily the
> > world leaders. Note the name "Progressive Conservative". Huh?
> > -- cmg (who should know better than to get into this thread)
> I'm not sure why Brian should be careful - he's merely expressed an
> interest in learning.
> You are criticising us because we have a democratic system where
> everyone has the right to start their own party and run candidates. Then
> you go on to criticize political parties that no longer exist.
> Who should be careful?

I'm sorry, I assure you that no criticism of the Canadian political system was 
intended. I was attempting to point out that Canada is a very complex and 
diverse nation and the OP had better be prepared for it. (But then he's a 
linuxer, so he knows how to do his research, right?) FWIW, having once lived 
there, I know full well the dangers of thinking that Canadians are really 
Americans that talk weird, can't spell, and have really good beer.

As for the variety of political parties: Again, no criticism was intended. 
While I readily admit that I've never looked for a complete list of American 
political parties, I would be shocked to learn that we have more political 
parties per person -- if for no other reason than we have a lot more people. 
(Sorry, but a ratio of parties to land area would _not_ be meaningful.)

As for the remark about "Progressive Conservative": Given the bipolar 
political climate here in the US (oh gracious, now I've PO'd the OP -- a 
Libertarian), the name "Progressive Conservative" comes across as a non 
sequitor here given that many old-time (US) liberals now brand themselves as 

- cmg

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