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Re: How to visit the shared drive in another computer with MS Windows in the network

Am Fr, den 22.10.2004 schrieb Alexander Dalloz um 3:40:

> > my system is fedora core2.i have installed SMB service and it is
> > working. however i can not access to another computer with MS Windows.
> > what shall i do?
> From what do you know Samba is working, as you stated?
> Be sure no iptables rules are protecting the specific ports on the
> Fedora machine, as well no "personal firewall" on the Windows[tm] host
> smb/nmb from working.

The direction is Fedora -> Windows[tm] or Windows[tm] -> Fedora?
If it is the former scenario just enter "smb://NMB_NAME" in the location
line of file browser like Nautilus. NMB_NAME is the name of the
Windows[mt] host in most cases. On command line use "smbclient" or even



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