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Re: Enabling VNC

Jeremy Conlin wrote:
On 2004-10-20 15:27:23 -0400, "Kevin J. Cummings" <cummings kjchome homeip net> said:

You need to put a password in your password file. Look at the vncpasswd command in order to do this. Make sure you do this as "root" so that it writes it to the correct file.

After that, you should only need to restart the X server. You need to make sure that it shuts down entirely, then restart it. "telinit 3" should be useful if you're running at init level 5. Then make sure with "killall X" as root after you login to one of your consoles. Then "telinit 5" should restart X for you....

Well, I ended up rebooting the machine and didn't need to restart the X server. I can log into the machine via ssh with X11 forwarding and then issue

vncviewer localhost:1

No, if the machine you logged into is running at initlevel 5, and you are trying to connect to the console X server, you should use:

vncviewer localhost:0

I'm very copnfused by your insistance of connecting to DISPLAY :1.
I thought you were trying to control your console X11 session?

and it asks for the password and starts to export the desktop, but it fails. I see the Fedora splash screen and then there is a window displaying an error message about some Gnome manager that isn't working. The screen turns black and I can't do anything. If I log out of ssh and then back in and do vncviewer... then I just get a black screen after entering my password. Is there something else I need to do?

If you were running a virtual X11 desktop via the vncserver service, then the :1 would be approprite, but then you have already configured that vncserver as a particular user, requiring a password file in ~/.vnc/passwd. If you are seeing a "splash screen", I don't think you're seeing a virtual X11 desktop, since it'd already be "logged in" (mine does when I enable it). You might be connecting to a screensaver though. I don't think 3D screensavers work to well over VNC. And depending on your network connection, it can take a *long* time to transfer 24bit graphics over dialup lines. Your screen will look black until enough data has been transfered to be displayed by your vncviewer.

I don't have any problem running vncviewer to my system either through localhost, or from my wife's Win98 machine.

Though, when I run it through "localhost", I get the cascading window effect of the entire screen looking like the vncviewer titlebar repeating towards the SE corner of my screen, each with its own "mouse pointer". Luckily, I can close the bottommost window in the NE corner. B^)

Thanks again,

-- Kevin J. Cummings kjchome rcn com cummings kjchome homeip net cummings kjc386 framingham ma us

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