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Re: ASUS P5A-B AMD-K6-2/500 FC2 install problems

James Wilkinson wrote:
Rick Lim wrote:

I have a ASUS P5A-B AMD-K6-2/500 which I have installed FC2 with a non
Xwindows install and it works ok, when I try a FC2 install with Xwindows
about ¾ thru the install it suddenly reboots.


Is there a work around?

How much memory do you have? How much swap? There's a chance that you're
running out of memory.

What sort of network connection do you have? Try installing a minimal
FC2, then getting yum to install X, Gnome, and whatever else you want.

Hope this helps,


The last computer I worked on that had this problem was due to having the SDR memory voltage, normally 3.0V, pinned out on the motherboard to the DDR memory voltage, 2.5V. After I checked te complete set of pin outs, I discovered the error, the user was playing repair man, corrected it and FC2 installed as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Check out the fundamentals on the motherboard to be sure they are set correctly. Usually, hangups during isntallation of an operating system, even blendoze, indicated a memory or voltage problem. Hope this helps.



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