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Re: Cannot install FC2 to my old PC

Dennis Gilmore wrote:

Once upon a time Sunday 17 October 2004 8:47 pm, Administrator (freeip.info) wrote:

Hi All,

I want to install FC2 to my Dell Optiplex gx1 with 256MB RAM, 40GB hardisk.

Since the dell pc can only recognize the harddisk as 33.8GB (I already
ugraded with least BIOS), I need to install disk manager to solve the
BIOS barrier. It is work fine for installing Windows or Redhat 9.

But when I install FC2, FC2 detected a partition error and recognized
the harddisk as 33.8GB "foreign partition" and 6GB "free space". So I
deleted the "foreign partition" and continue installation. After finish
installation, the disk manager disappeared and the PC cannot boot up:
Error loading OS.

Is there any way to install FC2 with BIOS harddisk barrier?

Try using a 100MB boot partition. everything should be ok then


If you want to use bigger hard disks or use all that 40GB has, Maxtor sells a bios add on card that enables UltraDMA 66, 100, and 133 on older computers, along with bios support for those hard disks. It's transparent to all operating systems. Sells for 29.95. I believe Adaptec sells a similar card, around the same price. I find a lot of them used, so there is a good chance you could pick one up used for $10. Maxtor's handles through 120GB on the older cards and 300GB on the new cards. You do not need a disk manager, you get much faster transfer rates out of the hard drives, and it's seemless with the system. What more could you ask for. If you have a WD hard drive, you would probably want the Adaptec card, but a Maxtor might work with it.


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