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Fedora And Downlink


Hi My name is sohail riaz and i'm working as network administrator at
National University. I need your help in regarding how to configure
dvb card.

I configure skystar2 dvb card in Fedora2. I've installed it but now
i've to ask some question. I only use this card to have a internet
downlink not for video streaming, for this may i have to lock
frequency, if yes then how i give information in the channels.conf.
because i get just a line and i dont understand it. the line is


Tell me what its mean. I am using asia sat 3 for my downlink. do you
tell me how i make a channels.conf file for it

the information for frequency is given below:

frequency 3760
step size 5
symbol rate 26000
lof1 5150
switch 1170
lof2 10600
tune frequency 1340

Please help me, i know i'm taking your precious time. But i'm in
problem to configure my downlink. Your help in this regard highly
Sohail Riaz
Network Administrator
National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences.
160, Industrial State, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan.
Tel: 92 91 5837892
Fax: 92 91 822320
Mob: 92 333 9183920

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