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Re: OT Why is everyone so grouchy?

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 06:20:03 -0500, Brian Fahrlander
<brian fahrlander net> wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 00:24, Micheal wrote:
> > Looking over the posts in the past few days, I've noticed a tone
> > between certain people on this list that was a little less than
> > congenial.
> > While I am not the "List Police" nor am I trying to curtail anyone's
> > freedom of expression, I would like to ask that all non-Fedora related
> > flames be taken off the list and settled via private e-mail.  Yes I
> > know how to filter email, and yes I know how to block posts, but with
> > the volume of this list being as heavy at it is I can see no benefit
> > to anyone with posts like, "You're a jerk" or "You are a Bush/Kerry
> > supporter, you are a tard".  Maybe it is the US election that has got
> > everyone so jumpy.  No matter what happens Nov 2. I'll move on and get
> > over it.
>     Yeah, amongst the Americans, it's the election. Almost every member
> of the media is for Kerry, and 80% of the people aren't liberal. (Those
> generally outside NYC, LA, DC).  And so many people learn their politics
> from a few seconds of CNN instead of actually _watching_ the State of
> the Union address, so most people are hypnotized.
>     If it's like the 2000 election, and all signs say it will be, it'll
> be months of this stuff.  I'm gonna try not to get too stressed, but be
> aware: Kerry's gonna claim victory, no matter what the outcome, and then
> starts the parade of lawyers.  So...sorry, it won't be over anytime
> soon.  :(
> > I would think the people paying by bandwith would agree.
>     Yeah, I'd think so.
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It's getting to the point of absolute social breakdown.  Here in
Orlando the Union Thugs recently stormed the GOP headquarters, trashed
the place, and broke a guy's wrist.  I work with some nutcases who
believe all the electronic CNN hogwash thrown at them.  Both Bush and
Kerry have been here so many times I can't count any more.

You are right, the drudge report has documented the DNC 'playbook'
which tells their operatives to challenge anything, whether they are
right or wrong.  The GOP plays like, 'anyone for tennis?' and the DNC
plays like it's the end of the world, and there is one pint of blood
left, and they will cut your throat to get it (even if you own
it)....like giving a guy crack for voting a zillion times....or
forging major documents (oh yeah the media is quiet on that one now
but not if the situation were reversed).

Speaking for myself, I am stressed out because I have to hear a LOT of
political crap all day long that I don't agree with.  Stuff that isn't
true.  Stuff that is 100% emotional.  I can't WAIT for this contract
to end... Maybe I'll move to Montana for the month of November....  :)

God Bless America,


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