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Re: Very, very OT: Canada -- was [RE: A welcoming email]

Trevor Smith wrote:

On October 20, 2004 7:57 pm, Tom Weniger wrote:

cannot fathom how people could vote for criminals rather than try an

To paraphrase (or maybe it's an accurate quote) Lisa Simpson, "I can't believe so many people would vote for a convicted felon and that so few would vote for another convicted felon!"

Agreed, it's difficult to imagine, but the alternative was truly scary to many of us, apparently.

You bought the BS didn't you.

Only an idiot would quote a Cartoon to try and justify there ignorance.

If someone says something is scary enough times, the "Central" Canadians will believe it,
out here in the west we aren't Lemmings, we watch, learn and sift through the facts and

Old stories :

Sheila Copps lies and resigns after being pushed - Ontario votes her back in for
admitting she lied.

Liberals Blow Billions of dollars on ; Ad Scams to keep Quebec, HRDC Scams, Jets
for Politicians, Governor General Waste, Canceling Helicopters for Military and
Submarines that should be scrapped as well as Millions on dead rabbits hanging on
trees and other sorted trivial things that are disgusting - Ontario votes them back in
because the new Conservative Party of Canada is too scary.

Liberals cut the funding for Health Care then blame the Provinces for our declining
Health Care System and only during an election claim to offer money to fix some of
the problems - Ontario buys it hook line and sinker.

Alberta pays off all of its debt, and the rest of Canada believes it's only because we get
royalties from Oil rather than 10 - 15 years of deep cuts and the fiscal responsibility of
our Conservative leadership, and they ignore the fact that the Federal government gets
the same amount of Royalties, and that Alberta does not get transfer payments.

Lemmings who can vote scare me, Ontarians moving to Alberta scare me but the new
Conservative Party of Canada does not scare me.

Guy Fraser

There is a fine line between genius and lunacy, fear not, walk the
line with pride. Not all things will end up as you wanted, but you
will certainly discover things the meek and timid will miss out on.

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