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RE: minimal Fedora install?

You might try Linux From Scratch - while not a RedHat Distro you can make
your own and as small as you want. As far as Old hardware, hard to tell
although it has been my experience that wit a bit of Googleing and sage
advice here and there you can make Linux run on anything.


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I was given a pentium something or other box over the weekend and I
want to install Fedora on.  It only has like 24 megs of <proprietary>
ram.  If there is such a thing as a pci ram card maybe it might merit
throwing it in there.

I would be interested to knowing who out there has loaded FC
successfully on a really old machine, what you did to overcome
problems, etc.  Cruddiest hardware contest!   :)  At what point does
the camels back break with regards to cruddy hardware?

I can upgrade the hard drive (which is only 1g at this point).  It'd
be kinda cool to get FC on it and not have to go to a 'tiny' distro.
Resources:  floppy drive, no cdrom, pci slots.


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