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Re: The Latest on DNS Servers

Am Fr, den 22.10.2004 schrieb Roy W. Erickson um 18:24:

> I need to rehost my 6 year old internal DNS servers on newer hardware.

About how large zones do we talk?

> Whats the latest "best practice" for DNS servers these days?

What do you have in mind saying "best practice"? Can you be more
specific? You need a howto to set them up? Or you need advises on how to
administer a DNS?

> I would like to try a fail-over pair if possible. Does Fedora have
> fail-over capability?

This is where master and slave DNS come to play. bind9, which ships with
Fedora, supports master / slave setups since ages.

> Some internal admins want a GUI based DNS. Any such GUI front ends?

How much experience with DNS do you and the internal admins have with
administering a DNS? Does the data change frequently?

> Roy


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