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Re: OT Why is everyone so grouchy?

On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 02:50, Temlakos wrote:

> Also, surely there's no such thing as "a stupid question," unless it's a
> question to which one might *reasonably* be supposed to know the answer.
> "Look it up in the archives" is all very well, but I've never been on
> any list whose message archives are organized well enough for such a
> search to bear fruit in what I would call an efficient manner. This is a

We have relatively good archives, which are organised by keyword
searches at http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-list

It is recommended for newbies to look there first before posting

> Last of all: Just who *are* the moderators of this list? I think every
> list ought to have some kind of moderating team, and *everyone* ought to
> know *who are the members of that team* so that we can know who might be
> talking out-of-school. Or if the moderators want to remain anonymous,
> then we all ought to have a contact address (say,
> fedora-list-owner redhat com) that we can use to forward complaints to,
> if we have any.

This is an unmoderated list. If you have problems, e-mail
fedora-list-owner redhat com and complaints will be dealt with

The list is "owned" by Warren Togami and me, both of our e-mail
addresses are displayed at the bottom of the site

> > But that same list member, cozy behind their keyboard, will publicly
> > shred some poor newbie for top posting, posting in HTML, posting a
> > question about something that has been asked before or some other
> > alleged breach of "netiquette."  Never mind that in almost every case,
> > the person posting is asking for help and is so new that they couldn't
> > possibly know about "the rules."  I mean, come on - do these self-
> > appointed "list police" really think that they are helping in any
> > constructive way?

If they are repeat offenders, I see no issue as to why the "list police"
can't get posts done... 

> > Let's be serious, OK?  I see so many people point to some web posting of
> > "netiquette" as if it were {$your_deity's} own Word.  Please!
> > Etiquette, whether on a mailing list or in person is *suggested* as best
> > behavior.  It's not The Law.  Someone who breaches etiquette should
> > either be gently reminded *in private* about it or ignored.  A person
> > who publicly belittles another for an etiquette breach is just as guilty
> > - probably more so as they are being incredibly hypocritical.

Yes, if in private, that'll be nice too. But I fear that the poor newbie
might get LARTed at too many times in private

> > Now let's please get back to helping each other with Fedora issues, not
> > flaming each other over everything else, OK?

Exactly, I hereby declare that flaming is unacceptable, and the thread
should *die* now
Colin Charles, byte aeon com my
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." -- Mohandas Gandhi

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