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HELP: GRUB or Part. Table damaged by QTPARTED!!

Hi all,

Newbie, but after some troubles got FC2 2.6.8-something running with a lot
of tools (samba, swat, etc..), then used QTPARTED to create an extra FAT32
partition on my disk.

After doing that and rebooting, the system booted, showed the entries ofthe
c:\boot.ini (WinXP partition) and gave me the possibility to choose, all as

The problem:
Choosed for the FC2 , and the system came up with a text-only screen with
the grub command prompt.

Situation (dual boot from Win-partition):
*	Machine with Windows XP
*	Installed fedora 2 without overwriting the MBR and installed grub on
the new created linux partition
*	Copied (with dd-command) to a file fedora.bin, placed it on my
windows C:\, edited boot.ini
*	Worked fine for some weeks

Used QTPARTED to create a new FAT32 to share it with other PC's on my home
network (SAMBA).
*	Now this problem occurs
*	Still able to boot and start WindowsXP (I'm actually using this on
the same machine to send this mail)
*	Used the Fedora rescue disk used sfdisk to inspect the partition
table (sfdisk, because I have a printout of sfdisk -l): seems Ok, nothing
changed to the original ones only a new one: excatly the size of the new I
*	With the rescou disk I was able to 
*	Cd /mnt/sysimage
*	Cd to my home directoy: all data (mainly KMAIL files) are still

No idea what I really damaged. Due to the tool it seems to be the partition
table, but for me it also can be something else, GRUB for instance (newbie
on linux)

Can one of you help me out?
*	Instructions ??
*	If I have to reinstall *can do that): how can I reacue my KMAIL-data
(windows driver for ext2 or tar/gzip to a floppy - not that much, but

NEWBIE: I'm experienced IT-person, but more on (windows-)application
development level, so technical skills, but nearly no knowledge of this type
of stuff.
So please detail the instructions if you have some.

I would be very, very pleased when I'm able to rescue this  without damaging
my WinXP (my wife and son have a lot of data
Stored on it)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans Troost
Wederik 21
3831 AW Leusden
The Netherlands

<<attachment: winmail.dat>>

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