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Re: Apache, FC2 and Virtual Servers

Eucke Warren wrote:

I seem to be going in circles. I am trying to get the Virtual Servers feature working on Apache. I have a couple of virtual servers configured with entries pointing to the correct directories and listening for the appropriate IP addresses....I even have the eth0 and eth1 entries....however...everything points to the default test page and does not appear to be looking for the entries I

Did you as root restart the web server after making configuration changes: service httpd restart

# Virtual host
ErrorLog /home/logs/grassroots-error_log
ServerAdmin webmaster netwitts com <mailto:webmaster netwitts com>
ServerName www.grassrootslandscaping.com <http://www.grassrootslandscaping.com>
TransferLog /home/logs/grassroots-access_log
ErrorLog /home/logs/grassroots-error_log

This last entry lacks an override of the default document root.

The web server typically runs as user apache and group apache. Are all your document roots and files in them readable by user or group apache? Are their parent directories and other directories in path of document roots executable by user or group apache?

It looks like you have several problems here.


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