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Re: Simple Linux

Am Mo, den 18.10.2004 schrieb Gary um 1:21:
> Is there a version of Linux out that is easy to get used to, coming from 
> the ms world. I don't really want to have to compile and install and 
> setup all the programs, or maybe I had better stick to ms.

Yes. Fedora Core 2.

The simplest:
you get a box already installed and configured (that's what you usually
buy when you buy windows). Then it's easier than windows - you do not
need to care about all the apps on your own, they are just updated
through the repositories.

The normal:
read the release notes if you have hardware which might trouble you
(it's very few), read a bit about installing linux (you do not have
C:\), install (takes 15-35 minutes depending which applications you
want), boot. Off you go.

Learn to use the update-"engines" up2date and/or apt and/or yum for
getting the multimedia files from the fedora.us (= Extras) and the livna
repositories and keeping the system up to date.

That's all you have to invest, it takes a few hours learning (actually

After that: you can learn linux by doing, you can use google, online
books, this list, there is a huge "library" in the net.

And I am not joking. I myself started using linux this february after 17
years of ms, and there is no way back. It might be useful though to keep
a dual-boot in the beginning.

Some links (sorry, I just copied them from my bookmarks, but they should
Fedora Project
Fedora Extras Home Page

Give it a try, you might not regret it.


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