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Re: Simple Linux

Markus Huber wrote:

Am Mo, den 18.10.2004 schrieb Gary um 1:21:

Is there a version of Linux out that is easy to get used to, coming from the ms world. I don't really want to have to compile and install and setup all the programs, or maybe I had better stick to ms.

Yes. Fedora Core 2.

The simplest:
you get a box already installed and configured (that's what you usually
buy when you buy windows). Then it's easier than windows - you do not
need to care about all the apps on your own, they are just updated
through the repositories.

The normal:
read the release notes if you have hardware which might trouble you
(it's very few), read a bit about installing linux (you do not have
C:\), install (takes 15-35 minutes depending which applications you
want), boot. Off you go.

Learn to use the update-"engines" up2date and/or apt and/or yum for
getting the multimedia files from the fedora.us (= Extras) and the livna
repositories and keeping the system up to date.

That's all you have to invest, it takes a few hours learning (actually

After that: you can learn linux by doing, you can use google, online
books, this list, there is a huge "library" in the net.

And I am not joking. I myself started using linux this february after 17
years of ms, and there is no way back. It might be useful though to keep
a dual-boot in the beginning.

Some links (sorry, I just copied them from my bookmarks, but they should
Fedora Project
Fedora Extras Home Page

Give it a try, you might not regret it.


Better yet......try Cobind 0.2 beta, although it is based on Fedora Core 1, it is pre-configured and very easy to use. It comes already setup with everyday programs, no compiling and it is easy to keep updated. If your looking for an easy linux to install.....try it, you won't regret it!
You can find it at....www.distrowatch.com......just download the iso and burn it to a CD and it installs in minutes!!!

Good Luck!

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