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uptime record?

In Eric Raymond's recent report on Windows vs Linux security at: 
he states that:

Astute observers who examine the Netcraft web site URL will note that all 50 
servers in the Netcraft uptime list are running a form of BSD, mostly BSD/OS. 
None of them are running Windows, and none of them are running Linux. The 
longest uptime in the top 50 is 1,768 consecutive days, or almost 5 years.

This appears to make BSD look superior to all operating systems in terms of 
reliability, but the Netcraft information is unintentionally misleading. 
Netcraft monitors the uptime of operating systems based on how those 
operating systems keep track of uptime. Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and some 
versions of FreeBSD only record up to 497 days of uptime, after which their 
uptime counters are reset to zero and start again. So all web sites based on 
machines running Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and in some cases FreeBSD "appear" to 
reboot every 497 days even if they run for years. The Netcraft survey can 
never record a longer uptime than 497 days for any of these operating 
systems, even if they have been running for years without a reboot, which is 
why they never appear in the top 50.

This makes me wonder WHY Linux, Solaris, etc only record 497 days of uptime? 
Does anyone know?


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