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Re: FC1 Users: Sample yum.conf for Fedora Legacy Updates

Beartooth wrote:
On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 10:23:03 -0400, Clint Harshaw wrote:

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 10:23 am, Beartooth wrote:

Very very dumb question : does that mean those of us near Georgia can
simply replace the yum.conf we've been using with this one?

My best answer is "probably" but I don't believe the Fedora Legacy repos are fully set up yet. So I'd recommend hanging loose for a week or so to watch for some follow-up about this yum.conf. In any case, I'd recommend saving your current yum.conf so you can fall back on it "just in case." For example, I have a backup copy of my old yum.conf saved using this:

# cp /etc/yum.conf /etc/yum_prelegacy.conf

I'll keep poking at this sample yum.conf and will keep the list updated with how it's going. If there are others interested in helping develop it, feel free to experiment and post what you find!

OK : the thread has ended there for more like a month than a week. So is
it all right to take over now? And is that last commented line with "#cp
..." to be added into the taken over stuff?? (If so, where?) Or just done
once before taking over your kind work?

I've been using it without problems to maintain my FC1 system at the office. The # was to indicate that I had done this at a root prompt -- not a comment. You need to be root to change your yum.conf while in /etc/

I've got a copy of it saved at this url:

Hack at the repo mirrors to select ones that are close to you, and have a go at it. The location for the repo mirrors are in the comments of the yum.conf.

If you have some additions or edits that you'd like to put on there, post them on the list, so we can all use them and try them out.


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