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Re: Secure Email While traveling

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John Garmany wrote:

| I am looking at ways to both send and retrieve email while traveling.
| Since I use hotel internet connections and public wireless connection, I
| am looking at a way to secure the connection.  My traveling laptop is
| windows.
| My idea is this.
| 1.  Connect using ssh to the Linux server with a couple of tunnels from
| local ports to the mail ports. (25 Sendmail, 143 IMAP, 110 POP3)
| 2.  Point my email programs (Outlook for work, Thunderbird for
| personnel) to the local ports connected to the tunnel
| 3.  Send and recieve mail.
| This should encrypt the connection for the mail so that no one could
| monitor my passwords or read my mail.
| Also Sendmail will see me as a local user (I think) and relay out my mail.
| Has anyone else tried this?  Am I missing something.  Is there an easier
| way.

Why not use POP3-S (secure POP3) or IMAP-S (secure IMAP)?  These are the
~ standard POP3 and IMAP protocols tunneled through an SSL connection.
Both Outlook and Thunderbird directly support POP3-S and IMAP-S.

| When I travel I open the mail ports throught the firewall and they get
| hit pretty hard.  Average about 50 failed attempts a day at logging on
| as different users  (nobody, guest, etc).  This way I would only need to
| open the ssh port.

POP3-S uses port 995; IMAP-S uses port 993, so whichever you choose you
still only need one port open..

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