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Re: X Keeps Crashing

rab wrote, On 10/20/2004 12:15 AM:
I'm running FC2 on an Athlon 64 based system with 1gb of memory with an nvidia GEFORCE 5700LE video card. A day ago, I updated using apt-get. A number of X related rpms were updated. Now X crashes very frequently. I installed the video drivers that came with FC2 (I did not install binary drivers from nvidia's web site.) How can I fix this?

Rick B.

I was told that you need a kernel with more stack (16k) you can get from here


Mine went for 2 weeks w/o freeze after I installed it, compared to every day or few days (variable). Maybe it needs even more stack? Or possibly it really didn't help. Others have suggesed downgrading kernel and/or xorg. I don't know... I have been seeing this since fc2 test1 on all kernels and xorgs.

Enter your observations in this bugzilla report:


(See mail list subjects containing "freeze" or "crash" or "lock" pertaining to X/Xorg for litany of complaints.)


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