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Re: can I sell fedora?

To the best of my knowledge, this would be fine. I'd hang around with this thread for another day or two to get some more feedback, however.

Again, place emphasis on the fact that you are charging for your time and effort, and not for the software itself.


dyzelinis wrote:

So you think I can not sell software per se?

If i burn Fedora CDs, find a customer and sell the CDs lets say for a 50$. I
know its too much just for burning CD :). But the point is: will I break the
license rules? If i can sell Fedora CDs, is there a limit for the highest


--- "Dan Trainor - hostinthebox.net" <info hostinthebox net> wrote:

Sell it under the basis that it is for your time, the time that it takes for you to download the software, buy a CD, spend time to burn it, etc etc. Don't sell the software itself, per se.


Timothy Payne wrote:

I don't know, your question should be asked at Red Hat, not on a support

That being said, someone with a dial up connection would have a hard
time getting the ISO's or maybe they don't have a CD burner.  So if you
provide a service, getting paid for it is to me, no problem.

What I don't like is "for the price I want"  But you are the one that
has to look in the mirror every morning.


On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 18:57, dyzelinis wrote:


Can I sell Fedora cds?
I've read legal stuff, and I found, that I can _distribute_ Fedora. Does


mean, that I can SELL Fedora CDs for the price i want?


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