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Re: anybody using nedit?

Terry Barnaby wrote:

Ian Pilcher wrote:

Marius Andreiana wrote:

Does anybody use nedit in fedora? Maybe this can be moved to extras.

The command line to start it is "nc", same as nc for netcat and almost
same as mc for midnight commander.

I use it all the time. I haven't found anything else that is as light- weight (no KDE or Gnome overhead), intuitive (straightforward menus), and functional (decent syntax highlighting, good translation between user-defined and hardware tabs).

It lacks the anti-aliased fonts of more modern editors, but a well
designed bitmap font is arguably better for a text editor anyway.

My only real complaint is the lack of UTF-8 support.  It wasn't such a
problem until I married a Peruvian.

I am another dedicated nedit user. We use it as our main development editor. It is quick and simple. Although we have made our own shell
script "be" to get around the problem of the "nc" front end clashing
with the netcat one.


Yep me to... We use it as the main dev editor as well and used a similar script to get around nc.

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