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Re: can I sell fedora?

On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 23:24, dyzelinis wrote:
> So you think I can not sell software per se? 
> If i burn Fedora CDs, find a customer and sell the CDs lets say for a 50$. I
> know its too much just for burning CD :). But the point is: will I break the
> license rules? If i can sell Fedora CDs, is there a limit for the highest
> price?

    Let's try this.  For $99 you'll pull'em outta malware-hell forever.
Get time, install it, and leave the CDs there, just in case. This'll
work better on broadband connections, of course, since the programs are
updated nightly.

    And to sweeten the pot, tell'em that you'll be the admin for
$10/month, and if they need anything like new programs or users added,
you'll do it remotely.

    I was about to do this, until some things came up.  For $99 they
move to a no-worries platform, get it installed and working, and never
have to hassle with the complicated parts.  Just keep the root password
until they decide to go off the paid support (so they can't 'tinker' and
cause problems.)

    I've already done a LOT of work along these lines- drop me a line
off-list for details.

Brian FahrlÃnder                  Christian, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                                 http://www.fahrlander.net
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