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Re: can I sell fedora?

On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 13:04, dyzelinis wrote:
> I think I have to explain what I want to do.
> Actually I don't want to sell it. I want to buy it! And I am looking for
> someone to sell it to me. I can not just have it for free. It may sound a
> little bit tricky, but there is same tricky law in my country. Our government
> has some kind of compensations for those who by OS. Some kind of anti-piracy
> compaign.
> This compensation is ment primarily for MS Windows, but I am going to install
> FC3 on my new PC. So I want to know is it legal for some company to sell Fedora
> to me for the price it wants? Can this price be as big as $100? So the amount
> of maney that usualy goes to MS will go to me :)

Read the GPL which specifically answers this question. You're allowed to
re-distribute the software for a "reasonable fee". You can argue
back-and-forth whether US$100 is appropriate for such or whether it
should rather be in the range of US$10. But if, especially in your
country, there's a certain legal obligation or risk by the seller, then
I'd suspect US$100 being quite reasonable. 


HaJo Schatz <hajo hajo net>

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