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Re: can I sell fedora?

... must ... not ... criticize ... top posting ... :-)

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004, dyzelinis wrote:

> Yes, that is exactly to the point! I want my friend company to sell
> Fedora to me, and I will get tax refund, and I can share that refund
> with my friend. Our law says, that I will get tax refund, when I by
> new OS software. With Windows, SUSE and other comercial OS'es
> everything is fine, because someone sells the software and I can buy
> it.

does the word "kickback" mean anything to you?  this seems to be
dangerously close to tax fraud, if you agree to purchase something at
an unrealistically high price for the tax benefits, only to kick back
some of those benefits to the supplier.

if i was in charge of tax collection, i would be all over this, but
that's just my opinion.  and, if you *were* planning on trying this,
i'm not sure i would have started the process by broadcasting your
intentions to a world-wide mailing list.  if you know what i mean.

> By the way, in my coutry average salary per week is $100, so the
> amount of money we talk about is rather big :)

you know, you *really* should talk to a tax expert in *your* country
about this.  what you're asking for is *legal* advice.  this is not
the right place for that.


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