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Readme: Fedora Core 2 Current Problems/Solutions & Helpful Links

Aloha, folks.  I'm simply printing the link here instead of the whole
list.  I've not updated in a while as I haven't seen much that's new in
the way of problems lately.



Who is that site for^?
People who are new to fedora-list and most likely new to Fedora Core 2.

What is that site for?
It's a listing of the latest/most thread producing problems that crop up
with Fedora Core 2. It is an attempt to stave off the same questions
being asked over and over again on this list.  The intent is that new
folks will read it and find the info they need without asking here as
this is an *extremely* busy list. Also included are helpful links to get
a newbie started reading the most important news and information about
Fedora, its included window managers, and Linux in general. 

"I'm tired of seeing this post every week!"
Filter it out!  Here's a very informative thread posted for Ximian

If any oldbies have quick tips on filtering with other email apps,
please mail me off-list and I'll include them.

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