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httpd problem & Q


If I go into firefox and type as the URL I get the default
Apache page. I have set in /var/www/html a pile of symlinks to /web and
have in the httpd.conf to follow symlinks.

If I say go to, I get the following errors 


You don't have permission to access /atj on this server
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use
an ErrorDocument to handle the request

/web and it's contents belong to me and have been chmod'd to 755

Pages are served from /var/www/html. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong
here? I've set up Apache a number of times on different machines (inc.
another FC3t3 box - if I copy the script, then I still get the same
errors) and haven't seen this problem before.

DocumentRoot inside the <VirtualHost>, where should DocumentRoot point
to? Is it relative to /var/www/html or is it an absolute path?



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