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Re: Choosing kernel automatically at Boot - Beginner - [resolved!]

--- Ben Steeves <ben steeves gmail com> wrote:

> On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:32:09 -0700 (PDT), joshua
> neff
> <joshua_neff yahoo com> wrote:
> > I open the terminal, logged in as root, typed
> "chmod
> > +w /etc/grub.conf" and it still gives me a
> permission
> > denied message. 
> I'm guessing that's 'cos you typed "/etc/grub.conf"
> at the command
> prompt -- which means to the shell you were trying
> to execute
> grub.conf.  Grub.conf is not executable (check the
> permission bits on
> the underlying actual file (/boot/grub/grub.conf)
> and you'll find it's
> only readable and writable by the owner (root).
> > I did open grub.conf with vi, though.
> > "Default=1" Before I go ahead and change anything,
> I
> > want to be absolutely sure I'm doing the right
> thing.
> > If I set the default to 0, will it boot with
> kernel
> > 2.6.8 by default (instead of 2.6.5 being the
> default)?
> > Or do I need to set the default to something else
> to
> > get 2.6.8 to be the default kernel?
> Using vi (or some other editor) is what the initial
> respondant
> expected you to do.

*smacks head* Yeah, I should've realized that.

> Default=x , where x is the number of the clause to
> choose
> automatically after the value of seconds in
> "timeout" has expired. 
> The clauses are counted from 0.  So, if the first
> clause (denoted by
> the initial keyword "title", the only non-indented
> line) is the one
> with the newest kernel, that is the one you want.
> After you successfully boot with the new kernel, you
> can remove the
> old kernels with an "rpm -e kernel-{version}" -- and
> grub.conf will
> automatically get cleaned up for you.

Done, and done.

Adn let me again say that this list is really damn
helpful, especially for newbies like me. Thanks.

--joshua m. neff


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