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Re: Java plugin


I downloaded the 1.4.2 jre rpm from Sun.Com for Linux. This is (according to Sun and others) the only way to get the plugin. install the rpm using "rpm -ivh <jre_rpm_file>". Change directories to /usr/java. Navigate to the ns610-gcc32 directory. There should be one and only one file. Change directories to the mozilla plugins directory. You must build a symbolic link to the file in the ns610-gcc32 directory. Do not copy the file as this will not work. Once you do the above, start mozilla and click on the help -> about:plugins. You should see a page with the plugin and file types supported by the plugin. If you do not, recheck that the symbolic link is correct and working.
The plugin web page at Sun's web page has very detailed instructions on how to install the JRE and plugin, this is just the 'short-short' version.

James McKenzie

Mark Knights wrote:


i have followed the online plugin details that I could find for JRE
(Java Runtime Environment) and Mozilla 1.7.etc and it did not seem to

Can anyone give me a foolproof way to install the JRE?



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