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I have to say how stable the latest stuff is.
Other than the weird thing with XMMS not showing visualizations, all
seems well, quick, responsive, well laid out, etc.

I still have a 5 second little spike on gkrellm on the cpu, but haven't
tracked that down. Someone told me it might be the filesystem, don't
know yet.

It's also nice to see evolution has the exchange client built in now so
I can hop on the office network with my FC box and be in touch....ugh,
more work email, don't think so!!

Anyway, if any of the team reads this mailer, good damn job.
I'm pumped for final release.

Also, one thing I can't figure out...I'd just like to add "uptime" as a
script to my evolution sig, but can't quite get there.
Do I just need to write a bash script calling "uptime", then save it,
then add it to evolution? If so, that isn't working for me.
It keeps telling me it's not a script.

Laadeedaaa, life is good anyway!

Great mailer. Thanks for all the help everyone gives here. That's what
it's all about.


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