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Re: router causing ssh etc. slowdown?

Stewart Nelson wrote:


The connection goes through, but SSH is sloooooooooow. Characters take several seconds to appear. Same thing with VNC. If I try these services using the internal LAN IP (ssh, then it of course works flawlessly.

I have port 22 forwarded on the router to


I used to be able to SSH into my Linux box from work to check on stuff. Now it's so slow that it's unuseable.

I would expect it to work fine.  I have a customer with a MR814 v2
running older (5.0_00) firmware; no problem with forwarding.
Did you test while physically at your work machine?  If not,
by what means were you accessing work's desktop?

I was using the same laptop that I use at work, but I was physically in my apartment, getting an IP from the router. I will check for the problem today, when I'm outside my home network.


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