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Re: can I sell fedora?

On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 21:24 -0700, dyzelinis wrote:
> So you think I can not sell software per se? 

Nobody ever does it, at least not frequently or on a daily basis.

Not even Microsoft. They don't actually sell you Microsoft Windows. They
charge you a certain amount of money for the boxed version and the
opportunity to agree with certain conditions in order to use that copy
of _their_ software.

When you sell, you actually transfer something, so you can say that they
sell you the plastic, the paper, and the sticky thing with a license
registration number.

> If i burn Fedora CDs, find a customer and sell the CDs lets say for a 50$. I
> know its too much just for burning CD :). But the point is: will I break the
> license rules? If i can sell Fedora CDs, is there a limit for the highest
> price?

You will break no license. You must understand that you don't actually
really sell software. You charge for the act of transfering a copy, and
since FC is all Free Software... you're already authorized to distribute
copies, that's the third Freedom of Free Software.

In practice, it ends up with the same reward of selling: getting some
money in exchange for something.

For more on what is Free Software read:

For a list of words that you should be careful when using because they
carry different meanings see:




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