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RE: The Latest on DNS Servers

The current bind is capable of working with Dynamic updates from the PDC.

I have just recently gone through the trouble of making this work.

I'd recommend setting up the DNS server on W2K in as a sub-domain
(ad.whaterver.com) and have your Bind DNS server delegate to that

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Am Fr, den 22.10.2004 schrieb Roy W. Erickson um 22:47:

> Thanks for the info.  How about if we choose to install a W2k server, is
> the current bind capable of working with the Directory Server?

What Microsoft implemented as dynamic DNS within the whole AD setup is
not compatible to anything (even the used kerberos is not standard
conform). You can combine bind and the DNS on a Win2k Server if you
don't rely on the AD capabilities.

> Is there a way to get DHCP to feed it's assignments to the DNS server?

Yes, sure. There is documentation about that. Dag Wieers for instance
did wrote a howto: http://dag.wieers.com/howto/bits/bind-ddns.php
Maybe look complicated at first sight, but isn't.

> Roy


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