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Re: How are fedora kernels modified from vanilla kernels

Am Mo, den 25.10.2004 schrieb Javier Perez um 8:57:

> I dowloaded and installed kernel-sourcecode-
> I went to /usr/src/linux/ and did not find the
> usual directories, (BUILD, SPEC, etc.) I found rather the sourcecode.

That is right, because you did not install a SRC.RPM.

> Does it mean that I have to download kernel- ?

Depends on what you want to do. If your intention is to build your own
modified kernel from the Fedora Core sources as an RPM, then you should
get the SRC.RPM.

> What is the difference between the kernel-sourcecode packages and the
> *.src.rpm packages?

The kernel-sourcecode RPM contains the Fedora Core kernel sources as
they are,  means with patches applied.

The kernel SRC.RPM contains the vanilla kernel source, all patches, the
different kernel config files for different plattform and the .spec

> If I want to recompile the kernel (I might have to do it to solve a ACPI 
> DSDT problem with a laptop), what should I used, kernel-sourcecode or
> kernel src.rpm?

What are your skills in handling SRC.RPMs? I prefer to have an RPM, so I
choose the kernel SRC.RPM, i.e. when I patch in the user-mode-linux
patch. (Yes, with the kernel-sourcecode you can run "make rpm" too, but
the the makefile uses a much more basic spec file to create an RPM.)


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